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The ancient history of the ROBSON surname

The Robson clan were descendents from Robb Gunn, son of George Gunn, the Crowner of Scotland and to this day the Gunn tartan is often worn. Their territories were at Middlesknowes and Owston in Tyndale, Liddesdale, West Teviotdale. Like many other border clans they held territories on both sides of the border. They formed a violent consortium with the English Charltons, Dodds and Milburns, and were one of the notorious of all border clans. North of the border they were tenants of the Abbey of Kelso. The Robsons were frequently at fued with the Armstrongs, but friendly with the Taylors and Musgraves, other important border clans. The Robsons moved north in the 17th century with their sheep as part of the Highland Clearance. After 1650 many of the clan disbanded and moved south into Holtby in Yorkshire and Lancashire and Bishop Wearmouth in Durham.
The most ancient grant of a Coat of Arms found was: Blue with a chevron between three boars heads, with the Crest being a boars head.
The ancient family Motto for this distinguished name was: "Justus Esto, Et Non Metue" "Be just and fear not"

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